GWJ Store Soft Launch! …For real, for real.

This post has been a long time coming. If you’ve been a member of the Godot Wild Jam for a while now, you might recall that the winners of the first four jams received a Godot Wild Jam t-shirt. As the jam grew in popularity, this became extremely unsustainable. We were working with local print […]

Are you a Godot Contributor?

Have you contributed to the Godot Engine or Documents in some way? We’d love to show you our appreciation for improving our community by giving you an exclusive flair on our Discord server. To apply for the flair/role icon, head over to the Godot Contributor page and fill out the form. Thanks for your help […]

Good News Everyone!

We now have a news section! This area will be used for upcoming events and new, exciting information.