Play-testing and Bug-fix Tickets

Hi everyone,
Y’all made some amazing games for Godot Wild Jam #69, and we’re truly proud of what you’ve created! Thanks to the increased attention towards the Godot Engine, every month we’ve consistently had double the amount of entries from the previous year, fantastic!

However, with all the positives of our jam growing, we’ve also seen a high volume of late submission and bug fix requests coming in. While we want to support everyone in a timely manner, the current volume of tickets makes that challenging… For Jam #69 over 21% of submissions had a ticket created, Jam #68 also had a similar percentage of issues.

So starting with our 70th jam, late submissions will only be accepted within one hour after the submission period ends, no exceptions. Additionally, all bug fix requests must be submitted within 24 hours after the submission deadline.

We encourage everyone to thoroughly play-test their game before the submission deadline.
Use the #playtesting channel on Discord to get feedback and if you’re unable to join the jam this month, please consider helping others with their play-testing!

In summary: updates to support ticket creation

  • Late Submissions limited to one hour after submission deadline
  • Bug-fix requests limited to 24 hours after submission deadline

Happy Jamming!

Cover photo by Malvestida on Unsplash