Meet the Godot Wildlings

The Monthly Jam Winners

Jam #1 – Evolution!

Dalton5000's Genetic Journey Screenshot

Genetic Journey

by Dalton5000

Tiny birds want to escape an island. Help them by picking the right genes into their DNA and watch the bird scouts succeed!

Jam #2 – Hidden Within

Diver Down Screenshot

Diver Down

by DeltaKey & Sklaiser

Diver Down is a stealth-platformer made for the Godot Wild Jam #2, where the theme was “Hidden within” Avoid the lights on 20 different stages using your mysterious Diver Down ability that allows you to dive onto solids!

Jam #3 – Pick Your Poison

Hijinx Cover


by JohnGabrielUK

Hijinx is a platformer that incorporates the theme of “pick your poison” by having players pick from a set of handicaps for each level, with help from Carl, the bumbling tortoise.

Jam #4 – The 12 Levels of Christmas


12 Traps of Christmas

by WingedAdventurer

Survive Christmas for 12 days by completing 12 different levels, and face the menacing boss fight at the end!

Jam #5 – Natural Disaster or One Control

Jam #6 – Out of Place Cacti

Cactus No Cactus

by magixrage

Find the Golden Artifact and come back. But beware not to touch the cacti… or be touched by it.

Jam #7- Possession

A lone creature wants to escape this strange floating land of bricks and cement as it crumbles beneath its feet. But a frail cave-dwelling countenance leaves little energy to run, so its spirit outpaces its corporeal counterpart.

Jam #8 – Black Hole

Create black holes to navigate a treacherous alien planet!

Jam #9 – Underworld

Lavakinemat Inc

Lavakinemat Inc.

by Æmetta & Toasteater

Lavakinemat Inc. is a 3D puzzle game where you play as an engineer trying to build pipes, harvest lava, and profit. You will be challenged to navigate around (or through) intricate levels while keeping the pipes from running into each other. Check your inbox for new jobs from all other departments, and also get updated on organizational changes. Improve your designs to save money for the company, and become the top’s new favorite!

Jam #10- Glitch



by DeltaKey & Sklaiser​

In Null Dagger, after hearing whereabouts of a treasure inside a forgotten ruin, you find a mysterious dagger with the ability to…modify the enviroment around it, and return to their owner whenever its are called. Can you use its powers in the best way possible, and make sure to escape these ruins alive…?

Jam #11 – Parallel Dimensions

​Ah, the Imperial Motel. The height of economical luxury. If you don’t mind the inconvenience of possibly stumbling into different dimensions.

And the rats.

Jam #12 – Chain || Destruction || Harvest

The good, the bad, and the veggie screenshot

The Good, the Bad, and the Veggie

by JohnGabrielUK, WingedAdventurer, and LiemSound (Mudufus)

Commander Greenstick’s latest assignment is his toughest yet: on the primitive planet of Earth, a crop of his brethren have achieved sentience mere days before they are due to be ripped from the ground and devoured. Now he must help these poor veggies to use their newfound wits and relay his intelligence-giving signal to the only species that hasn’t yet grown eyes and hands: the celery.

Let’s face it, you’ve reader weirder set-ups.

Jam #13 – Merge

Slime Research Facilities

by flor96, emrod, Andres, and Lolo

Help this little slime to get through this test rooms to get to a sweet reward. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to merge and overcome the obstacles in the way. This game is on development, we would appreciate your feedback to keep improving.

Jam #14 – Shadows


Space Jelly

by kcaze

Play as a jellyfish in space that can swim in the shadows and jump in the light. Avoid spikes and being sucked into space whirlpools as you make your way through 10 short and sweet levels!

Jam #15 – Floating Islands

Shattered World 2 - Last Engineer

by Bitron, BurntRobot, T4g1, and EricRonin

Jam #16 – Short on Time

Re- Memory

Re: Memory

by D4yz and Willowblade

The story of a young girl trying to pick up the pieces of what she’s lost.

Jam #17 – Second Chances

Super Jungle Wrestling

by asheraryam, lpancho, zouelfikar, Yanii Evans, Phildjii

In the Furry Kingdom of Maxicador, wrestling is a popular entertainment. Can you beat the champion El Bullito?

Jam #18 – Plague

Harvestor 3000

Harvestor 3000

by joel127

Year 2037: pilot a Haverstor drone in an environment plagued by locust swarms.

Jam #19 – Discovery


by Raffaele Picca and Paolo Dollorenzo

Discover the depths of antarctica and find the missing pieces of an old machine.

Jam #20 – Every end is a new beginning

tree golf

Tree Golf

by Raindrinker and FreezedIce

You are playing as a small crop seeking water. Your vines become roots when the plant dies. You can plant on your roots too.

Jam #21 – Connection

Power Problem

by Pooya Lavasani

Made for the Godot Wild Jam #21.

Jam #22 – Revolution



by kcaze and shake onigiri (Kanoa)

Weave through different attacks and take down predators that are trying to hunt you in this underwater themed bullet hell boss rush!

Jam #23 – Tiny World

Huge Steps

by Dilis

You need a break. You set up a wonderful vacation on a secluded island and are about to make the trip… The only problem is you’re a giant, and there’s an entire city in the way! Be careful and try not to step on anything.

Jam #24 – Family



by gorrgolem

Enigma, a game made for Godot wild jam #24

Jam #25 – Change Yourself, Change the World


by MrBundles

A Puzzle~Platformer based on the classic game SNAKE

Jam #26 – Bread

Play as the baker Bartholomew the Big and Brave, and fight the evil Breadcromancer and its horde of undead minions. With your bottle of jam and trusty…bread fork? (why is that actually a thing?) in hand, will you be able to save Baker’s Ville?

Jam #27 – Books*


by JestemStefan, robot, IsabellaLau, Skyward, and Chembini

Help Paige the bibliophile serve her customers at BooksMart while watching out for your weird woody workmate. Who knows, maybe if you abate his hunger, he’ll leave you alone!

Jam #28 – EGG



by Raisins and kylesix6

Keep your egg happy and see what might hatch!

Jam #29 – Nomad

Path of Tengri

by Willowblade, IsabellaLau, and D4yz

Join Bataar, a dashing young Mongol nomad and his trusty side-kick Burg the eagle as they embark on a journey toward self-discovery!
Battle desert fiends and build up your strength in your search for divine wisdom on the Mongolian plains.

Jam #30 – Heartbeat



by Geminimax and Chulipin

Jam #31 – Something’s Missing

Out of Power

by MrBundles

A simple and fun puzzle-platformer about a tiny battery in a power plant that just lost power.

Jam #32 – Seven


Dice of Destiny

by JestemStefan, D4yz, Vela, Romeromey and JohnGabrielUK

The age of causality is ended. Across the land, the triumphs and tragedies of all, mighty and meagre, are determined by the roll of the dice. One moment, a novice thief might pick the world’s most sophisticated lock with an old twig; the next, a beloved king might roll a critical failure on dexterity while attending a banquet, with spectacular results.

Jam #33 – You aren’t the hero

Help the hero level up by feeding him items from inside of his bag. Reach level 10 and defeat the boss!

Jam #34 – Space


Captain Carrotstalk

by Fuchsia and Mogswamp

You are Captain Tommy Carrotstalk, a distant descendant of the famed Johnny Appleseed. Your dream is to continue his work by spreading your favorite vegetable and namesake — carrots — across the galaxy.

Travel to planets and land on them to spread your love of carrots!  You must land upright in order for the drop-off procedure to work!

Jam #35 – Lost Tech

Help the hero level up by feeding him items from inside of his bag. Reach level 10 and defeat the boss!

Jam #36 – TBA


Godot Wild Jam #36

by Bakenshake

Wildcards TBA.