GWJ Store Soft Launch! …For real, for real.

This post has been a long time coming. If you’ve been a member of the Godot Wild Jam for a while now, you might recall that the winners of the first four jams received a Godot Wild Jam t-shirt. As the jam grew in popularity, this became extremely unsustainable. We were working with local print shops, reaching out to winners, and mailing them by hand. Even though that ended, we have tried to keep up with offering small prizes to participants through giveaways on our Twitch stream and the occasional anniversary trophy when we’re able. Remember, we’re a tiny volunteer team that’s keeping the glue of this together, haha.

The coming soon merch image from the GWJSITE.

However, we have listened to the community express an interest in wanting merchandise. We have been discussing and planning it on and off since 2021. Who remembers this infamous screenshot that sat on our website for months? The team felt this was the best way to grow the Godot Wild Jam in a way that made sense for both us and our community. We announced earlier this year we were planning to create the store and well…WE DID IT. The GWJ store is live! A tab for it on the website will be added shortly but for now, use this link. If you have any issues with an order, contact us at:

With the launch of the store comes something I could never have imagined happening. I’m happy, scared, and excited to announce the creation of Wild Jam, LLC, featuring the Godot Wild Jam store with big plans for more. Our goal in this is to make the jam sustainable and cover its own costs, including website, discord, and other business-related things. Once business costs are covered, we will be donating a variable percentage to the Godot Engine as well as building a fund for educational opportunities for the community. More details on that to come. To be fully transparent, below you can see a breakdown of our yearly costs minus the LLC Registration which was a one time expenditure. All others listed are either monthly or yearly.

While the current store selection is small, we are seeking feedback from the community. Tell us what you want to see in terms of merchandise as well as what you would consider to be an educational opportunity.

As always, thank you for helping make this community what it is. It wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for the jammies doing what they do best every month. Its been five magical years, and we’re hyped as hell for the next five. Be sure to get your GWJ swag if you’re headed to GodotCon in November!

The GWJ Team