Godot Wild Jam runs the Second Weekend of Every Month for 9 days! 

Jam #37



Wildcards are an optional limitation to add a unique challenge in addition to the theme.
Pick one, none or all; it’s up to you! Ignoring wildcards completely will not incur a deduction in judging.


Jam ends in

Wild Jam #37 has ended!

Previous Jam Winner

Snip it!

Snip it!

Dual wield your loyal garden shears as you protect your precious greenhouse from overgrowth of uncontrollable plants! The goal is to get as much score

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the jam?
The jam always starts on the second Friday of the month, at 4 PM UTC-4

Do I have to do everything myself?
Not at all! If you want to use public domain art/sounds or the like, that’s entirely fine. And we encourage jammers to team up, too!

Can I use stuff I’ve already made?
To an extent.
The spirit of the jam is that you make something new, not rejig an existing game to fit the criteria.

Can I update the game during the voting period?
No, unless it is a severely game breaking bug.
If this is the case, please contact the organizers on Discord; they will review on a case by case basis.
Please playtest your game both in engine and as an export on your itch.io game page!

How is a theme chosen?

Phase 1

Discord members are be able to submit theme ideas to our #theme-vote channel. The channel will be unlocked for two days.

Phase 2

The organizers discuss the suggested themes from Discord, using the community votes to gauge interest, and then choose the theme.

More than

1,200 games

have been created for Godot Wild Jam!