Lesson Lunacy

These darn kids keep burning through substitute teachers. Can you survive a day with them? Play lesson cards to keep the kids occupied until the end of the hour, when you draw new lesson cards. Make it to Lunch (12PM Noon) to refresh your health, then make it to End of Day (5PM) to win the game! The Class Average grades act as modifiers on the cards. Subjects they’re good at take less time, and vice versa. For example, if the class has a D- in Math, and you play a Math card, it will be much more effective. If they have an A+ in History, your History cards won’t work either. You’re smart, you’ll figure it out.

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Help Paige the bibliophile serve her customers at BooksMart while watching out for your weird woody workmate. Who knows, maybe if you abate his hunger,

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Tree Golf

You are playing as a small crop seeking water. Your vines become roots when the plant dies. You can plant on your roots too.

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