Infernal Engine Defender

Defend the portal to the living world in your Infernal Engine!

Conduct the immortal Infernal Engine against an assault from the underworld. Earn gold and hire cars filled with fighters, slayers, and witches to combat the demonic forces. Upgrade your train and cars to build an unstoppable demon-slaying machine.

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Enter the episodes of the most binge-worthy puzzle show! Unlock each episode by manipulating the flow of the video and solving its key-and-lock puzzle! Play,

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The Internship

Welcome newbie – today is your first day on the job as an intern, this interview process will determine your fate- uh I mean, your

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Lavakinemat Inc.

Lavakinemat Inc. is a 3D puzzle game where you play as an engineer trying to build pipes, harvest lava, and profit. You will be challenged

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