Choosing a Theme

A Breakdown of How the Theme is Chosen.

Phase 1

Members of the Discord channel will be able to submit theme ideas to our #theme-vote channel. The channel will be unlocked for two days.

Phase 2

The organizers, will discuss and decide the actual theme. They will pick one from the suggested themes from the Discord, using the community votes to gauge interest.

previous themes:

  1. Evolution
  2. Hidden Within
  3. Pick Your Poison
  4. The 12 Levels of Christmas, Lose to Win, Surprise!, Change a World, Accessibility: Games for the blind or color blind, Cats, Christmas Sucks, Delivery, Automation, Destruction/Reconstruction
  5. Natural Disaster or One Control
  6. Out of Place Cacti (Any combination of the phrase)
  7. Possession
  8. Black Hole
  9. Underworld
  10. Glitch
  11. Parallel Dimensions