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2Hidden Within
3Pick Your Poison
4The 12 Levels of Christmas, Lose to Win, Surprise!, Change a World, Accessibility: Games for the blind or color blind, Cats, Christmas Sucks, Delivery, Automation, Destruction/Reconstruction (Chose One)
5Natural Disaster or One Control (Pick one)
6Out of Place Cacti (Any combination of the phrase)
8Black Hole
11Parallel Dimensions
12Chain • Destruction • Harvest (Pick two or more)
14Shadows (First Jam with Wild Cards)Palette LimiterWhat the Cluck?!Trick or Treat
15Floating IslandsCopy that Floppy!Wing it!Phantom Sequel
16Short on TimeFlurriesVox ActorsJingle Bells
17Second ChancesLookin' Good!ClockworkAgreeable
18Plague80's Baby!Take a Chance on MeI Wish it Would RainWillowcard
19DiscoveryNon-verbalFor AllBOOM!
20Every End is a BeginningEgg HuntPacifistDad Joke
21ConnectionMove it!Juice it!Two Butons
22RevolutionMake it Up!Another's ShoesWho are You?
23Tiny WorldWherefor Art Thou?Dig it!Seamless
24FamilyPet the DogSecret PassageQuip it GoodWatchmaker
25Change Yourself, Change the WorldHUD-lessTraditionalistForbidden Fruit
26Bread, Spooky, PrehistoricHey! Listen!Cheater!Delightfully Mundane
27Books*TamerStay AwhileDrramatis Non Persona
28EggBamboozledTwo HeadsD.I.Y.
29NomadEducationalDon't Go AloneBetter, Faster, Stronger
30HeartBeatSee No EvilFlatteryArcade
31Something’s MissingOreganoYou Wot M8?Duck, Duck, Moose
32SevenGood Things Come to Those Who WaitDare to FailRoll a D20
33You aren't the heroFully ImmersedTransmutationGetting Rich
34SpaceWhat's Up Doc?Game TimeNo Place Like Home