Chaos races past you into the Wildling’s home.
They’re gone in a blink.
The echo of their laughter taunts you.

You step across the threshold.
You know you won’t be coming back.

As you walk down the hall you wonder,
“How? Why?”
There is no answer.

Ancient symbols run along the walls beside you.
You feel them talking and you…

Parts pierce your ears.

“…don’t let them in!”
“stop before we burnout..”

Are you saying that or them?

“morning, jammies!”

Have you been here before?

“waiting for…”


On the ground a note catches your eye.
It has Godot’s emblem.
You pick it up and read, “liar ahead”

You crumple it and throw it to the void.

The end of the hall is suddenly upon you.
A large slide lock bars the way.
Someone before you etched numbers into it.
It reads…


The passphrase is hidden in the text above, use the “etched message” to decode.

Every period represents a new line, convert the letters into the correct amount of ZEROS (A = 0, B = 00 and so on).

Finally, the number corresponds to the letter used out of that word on that line.

Chaos phase III