A crack like lightning bursts into your ears, and suddenly the light returns. Was that Chaos? The Wildling? You?

Your eyes adjust to the light

Before you is a lectern with a large leather book. It’s mostly covered in dust except around the edges where it looks as if someone else may have opened it recently.

You open the book and something flutters onto the ground.

It’s a yellow, aged item from forgotten times – a punch card.

You pick it up, read the top that says “A” and put it in your pocket.
You know it will be useful down the road, but you’re not sure how or when.

Turning your attention back to the book, you flip through it trying to read the pages, but the words blend and change into symbols. You take the book off the lectern and feel the weight in your hands.
Maybe you’re tired of all this nonsense.

Chaos phase V